The acronym looks familiar, and I’m sure you’re all wondering why I would post that on a Tuesday. But, it’s not the acronym you think it is. (The great and terrible thing about acronyms — you get to guess the definition.)

Thanks Goodness I Found… Hope!!! 

Have you ever started your own business? Have you ever looked at entrepreneurs and wondered how they did everything right? Have you searched for the secrets of success? …and asked the burning question: Why can’t I be successful?

Recently, the thoughts of uncertainty have infected my mind. Was going on my own is the right decision. Should I have stayed with a steady 9-5… especially with the economic debacle we’re in the midst?

Enter TGIFH.

Going solo. Starting a business. Blogs and articles give us entrepreneurs something to hold: ideas to incubate, education to move forward, and disruptions to become trend setters.

This week, I came across another great blog. A blog about Entrepreneurial Uncertainty, and the six ways to combat it — or so I thought.

Before I share with you the link to the blog, here a couple of thoughts that spawned while I read the article.

  • Fear can help, or hinder — Fear is coupled with faith. Without the fear of uncertainty, we don’t hold strong to the belief in ourselves to become successful.
  • Just Do It — Nike had it right. Just do it; whatever it is that you want to do. Just do it. You’ll be surprised at how just a couple small steps in the right direction will yield great results.

Now, all I need to do is implement these principles.

Enjoy reading: 6 Ways to Master Entrepreneurial Uncertainty

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