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Three weeks after graduating with my MBA, I’m sitting here reflecting on what I learned. And, one thought keeps coming to mind… “Why were there a couple students in my class that were always so argumentative during lecture?” (Those who were in my class section probably have a good idea who I’m referencing.) There were,…

Earlier this year, I tried out to be the student speaker at my upcoming commencement. The audition wasn’t arduous, but it was tedious: Writing out the speech, and submitting it to the school; delivering the speech via video, and including it in the submission; and I later learned that there was a personal inquiry about…

There will be times when individuals within an organization (which we associate with) will act in contrary to the prevailing core beliefs of that organization. At that time, it is incumbent upon each of us to share our thoughts (respectfully) to maintain the organization’s integrity for its existing membership.

Some will disagree with this title, and recite examples of how anger does work. But, I had an experience the other day In my MBA negotiations class that made me realize that anger never works – personally or professionally.

An entertainer will play many roles throughout the course of his/her life, but as an icon, he/she will only be known for one thing.

All About The Context

The next time we read a headline/post/tweet, which stirs within us a fury of emotion, take just a minute (or 5 minutes), and Google a little more information about the topic; critically think about what has been written. If not enough information is currently available, be patient and allow the story to unfold.

Old age is not always a good indicator of wisdom; youthfulness does not always equate to reckless abandon. In fact, quite the opposite was true just the other day.

I spent months reviewing charts and timing trades. Although there were times when I was up during the simulation process, there were also times when I was down – monumentally down! But… the success blinded me; focusing only on when I performed well.

Sometimes life’s lessons are wonderful, and sharing those experiences are fun and enjoyable. Then there are the humiliating experiences, which we prefer to have never gone through — let alone, share.

Without fail, before the second or third comment (in an online conversation thread) invariably there will be someone who, purposely or inadvertently, changes the conversation from being a constructive conversation about differences to cess fest of name-calling; mudslinging; and sheer, adulterated, foul-festered rhetoric.